We design and supply complete induction motor starters equipped with soft starter and DC injection brake.
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Download adjusting guide for A-Start (.pdf).

A-Start Controller

Soft starter

Dynamic, automatic A-Start

When starting motors, it is important and essential that the starter enables sufficient torque for the motor and it dynamically accelerates at work speed in spite of different loads, rapid reversals and mechanical vibrations/jerks etc.

A-Start starts the motors effectively and automatically without large mechanical jerk or starting current peaks in spite of different loads. Starting does not stress power transmission and machinery and no changes are needed on adjustments.

Operating principles of patented A-Start soft starter

At the beginning of starting procedure A-Start has about a half second magnetization cycle of the motor. After that it starts to accelerate the motor with adjusted starting torque. When working rotation is reached (lag approx. 10%), the by-pass contactor of the thyristor unit switches on and the motor works through the main circuit. The 'motor running' information can be seen on the by-pass contactor.

  • Pumps, compressors, blowers, conveyors
  • Start of 1,2 kW bow thruster in oil tankers
  • Step-up start of 4000 kVA ship transformer
  • Use on ships rudders

We carry out customized solutions for your needs.

  • Fits all three-phase squirrel-cage motors
  • Power range from 1kW to 1,4MW
  • Voltage range from 230V to 690V
  • Replaces star/delta starter
  • Major savings in maintenance costs
  • Easy installation
  • Lloyds Marine approved (certain models)
  • Designed for reliability and long life
  • Wide operating temperature range (-25ºC ... +40ºC)