We design and supply complete induction motor starters equipped with soft starter and DC injection brake.
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A-Stop Controller

DC Injection Brake

Dynamic, automatic A-Stop

Essential criterions when braking motor is to accomplish it controlled, safely and powerfully and A-Stop makes it possible!

A-Stop brakes assuredly in spite of running speeds and loads. A-Stop brake fits to all kinds of squirrel-cage motors in situations where machine must stop controlled. A-Stop will not stress motor or hardware.

Operating principles of patented A-Stop brake.

After opening the start-up contactor the logic of the brake receives information to stop the motor and switches brake contactor and gives control to the thyristor. Motor brakes with torque set by motor and thyristor. Logic receives information of the motor speed in real time.

When the speed of the motor is zero logic switches off thyristor and opens the brake contactor. Motor is ready for reuse immediately. A-Stop brake works automatically and absolutely without adjustable or fixed brake time.

A-Stop applications
  • Paper mill choppers 630 kW
  • Carpenters machine tools
  • Machine tools in schools
  • Circular saws and bandsaws in many different sawmills

We carry out customized solutions for your needs (e.g Puwer '98 retrofitting).

Key Advantages:
  • Fits to all single- and three-phase squirrel-cage motors
  • Power range  of 1 - 630 kW
  • Voltage range: main 230 - 690 V, control 24VAC/DC - 230VAC
  • No need for adjustable braking time in spite of variable speeds and loads.
  • Major savings in maintenance costs
  • Adds more safety
  • Easy installation
  • Easy retrofit
  • Reliable and strong
  • Wide operating temperature range (-25ºC ... +40ºC)