A-Teollisuus Oy


A-Teollisuus Oy is a component and electrical center manufacturer focused on starting and braking electic motors.

We manufacture A-Start® soft starters and A-Stop® DC brakes under our own brands. In addition, our range includes other enclosed starters, automation centers, electrical cabinets, emergency stop systems and wireless access authorization systems using RFID technology. Our customers come mainly from industry and maritime industries, as well as educational institutions.

Our production, product development and sales operates in Finland with local employees. We ship our products worldwide to every continent.

We design most of our products to suit the customer's situation. Often, changes include modifying the enclosure's exterior dimensions, improving the cooling of the power unit, or adjusting the voltages to fit the situation.

We have a solution, whether the goal is to stop a small woodworking machine safely, or to start the ship's megawatt bow thruster smoothly.

And everything in between!