A-Stop® - automatic and fully electric DC Injection Brake


A-Stop® DC Injection Brake enables:

  • dynamic and safe, but still powerful stopping of a motor, regardless of the running speed or masses.

  • fits for every kind of squirrel-cage motors and wide variety of power and voltage ranges.

  • inexpensive, simple and easy to install

  • a reliable option for example frequency transformer with a brake resistance.


DC Injection Brake basic models:

A-Stop® 400-500 Volts

A-Stop® 690 Volts




The logic controller switches on the brake contactor and gives the control to the thyristor. The motor brakes by the moment of the motor and the thyristor. Logic gets continuously information of the motor speed and when it reaches zero, the logic switches off the thyristor and opens the brake contactor. The motor is instantly ready for restart.




  • Pulp mills; chopping machines or chippers 630 kW

  • Machine tools for carpenters

  • Machine tools for schools; table saws, bandsaws, grinding machines, etc.

  • Head saws and resaws of the saw mills


We carry out special and individual solutions for your need.




  • Fits nearly any kind of single and three phase AC motors

  • Power range from 0,1 kW to 630 kW

  • Voltage range from 230 to 690 Volts

  • Lowers maintenance costs

  • Adds safety

  • Easy to install on motors in use

  • Reliable and durable

  • Works on wide operating temperatures (-25°C ... +40°C)