DOL Starters + A-Stop® DC Injection Brake


DOL Starter + A-Stop® ARD

The most popular starter model for small and medium sized induction motors. Available both three-phase and single-phase models as well as for different main and control voltage. Standard models comes with Fibox self-extinguishing PC plastic enclosures.

  • ARD-3

  • ARD-5,5

  • ARD-7,5

For larger induction motors check our Star Delta Starters.


Forward Reverse Starter + A-Stop® ARRD

DOL Starter with reversing contactor of motor. Suitable for example to pillar drilling machines. Standard models comes with Fibox self-extinguishing PC plastic enclosures.

  • ARRD-3

  • ARRD-5,5


DOL Starter for multiple motors + A-Stop® ARD/KOMBI

DOL Starter for combined machines and other types of multiple motor combinations. The motor is selected by the turn switch and started by the DOL Starter. Non-selected motors are prevented from working. When pushing the push-button the A-Stop® DC Injection Brake stops the motor. The combined machine is instantly ready for use, either to restart the used motor or to select a new one. No need to set braking time. The logic of the A-Stop® gets continuous information of the motor speed and when it reaches zero, the motor is ready to use. The work goes smoothly thanks to A-Stop®. When more than one motor is used simultaneously, please contact to our office for more information.

  • ARD-3/KOMBI-2

  • ARD-3/KOMBI-3


DOL Starter for multiple motors + A-Stop® ARRD/KOMBI

Same as ARD/KOMBI. In this version one of the motor is a forward reverse type.

  • ARRD-3/KOMBI-2

  • ARRD-3/KOMBI-3


Supply and brake contactor AR

Supply and brake contactor + A-Stop® DC Injection Brake. Ready package to be added between the motor and the existing starter system, for example metal lathe. Available for all our A-Stop® models and assembled in enclosure or on a bottom plate.

  • AR-3

  • AR-5,5