A-Start® soft starters for marine industry


We manufacture soft starters for

  • fore propellers (e.g. Neste 1,2 MW)

  • hydraulic system of azimuth thrusters (e.g. ABB Azipod® 250 kW)

  • marine water pumps (e.g. Costa 400 kW)

  • cooling compressors (e.g. Carnival Cruise Lines 420 kW)


With A-Start® soft starter it's able to reduce starting current even 50% of the current of a direct start.

A-Start® soft starter is automatic and easy to adjust: the motor itself controls the start depending by the load. You only set the starting current which enables the moment to start the load with.


Models for shipbuilding, for example cargo ships, icebreaker ships and cruise ships:









These models have Lloyd's Register Marine Approval and are suitable for all marine uses.


We engineer and manufacture products according to customers requests.


Spare part enquiry


We manufacture spare parts for our previously delivered products.

Please inform us the serial number of our product. It helps us serve you quicker.

Also the name of the ship or IMO number will help us find the details quicker.


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