Enclosed Starters + A-Stop® DC Injection Brake


A-Stop® DC Injection Brake suits perfectly for all types of induction motor starters.


The benefits for A-Stop®:

  • dynamic and safe braking

  • no need to set braking time

  • stops effectively regardless of working speed or masses

  • suits for all types of induction motors

  • the motor is instantly ready for restart

  • wide voltage and power ranges, able to customize according customers requests

  • inexpensive

  • easy to install and use

  • casing dimensions can be customize suitable for customer

  • lowers the maintenance costs

  • easy to install on machines already in use

  • available both three-phase and single-phase models


Enclosed starters + A-Stop® DC Injection Brake:

DOL Starters

Star Delta Starters

Dahlander Starters


All starters included:

  • A-Stop® DC Injection Brake

  • primality of stopping

  • lock main switch

  • potential free contact

  • clear and numbered terminal blocks


Optional extras available on each product:

  • I/O and emergency push-buttons on the door or as push button enclosure

  • cable glands for cabling


Standard models of all enclosed starters comes with Rittal metal or Fibox PC plastic enclosure depending on product. Case material can be changed for extra charge either one of these. For example Rittal metal enclosure instead of Fibox PC plastic.


Spare parts for A-Stop® DC Injection Brake:

Control Units and Power Components


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