OPEnLOC wireless access permission system


OPEnLOC is designed for primary and secondary schools and public institutions to ease supervision of use of stationary wood and metalworking machines.

OPEnLOC consists of RFID receiver mounted on woodworking or metalworking machine and keychain transponder.

The machine is put into operation by placing the transponder near to the antenna of the receiver. Green indicator light shows that the machine is ready to use.

Access permission expires when transponder is placed again near to the antenna or the main current is turned off.

RFID - receiver/antenna can be mounted in the enclosure of A-Stop® DC Injection Brake, emergency brake or it's own depending on the situation.

The easiest way to adopt OPEnLOC system is along with our products for example A-Stop® and A-Start® , although it can be installed at any time.


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