A-Start® Soft Starters


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A-Start® 400-500 Volts

A-Start® 690 Volts


Automatic soft starter for alternating-current motors (AC motors)


A-Start® Soft Starter provides a smooth and easy start for AC motors. It is perfect for various different systems from marine industry, saw mills and paper mills to bakeries and mining industry.

The A-Start® Soft Starter is intended for use in motor drives where mechanical jerk or start current peak causes problems.

With A-Start® Soft Starter, the starting current can be dropped up to half of the direct start current.

A-Start® is automatic and easy to adjust: the engine itself controls the start according to the current load. All you need to do is set the start current to achieve the torque needed to start the load.

Therefor A-Start® Soft Starter is perfect for replacing ordinary star-delta starters.



Principle of A-Start® Soft Starter


When starting a motor, it's important that the starter enables adequate starting current (sufficient torque) for the motor. This starting current is set during the production and installation of the A-Start® Soft Starter. It's also adjustable along the use of A-Start® Soft Starter.

A-Start® Soft Starter accelerates the motor with adjusted starting current. When working rotation is reached, the motor works through the main circuit. No time setting - the A-Start® Soft Starter recognizes when the motor has the working rotation and automatically switches the motor to the main circuit.

A-Start® Soft Starter can reduse starting current down to 50% of its normal values. In a long run, this will reduse motor failures, malfunctions, excess maintenance and stoppages.

A-Start® Soft Starter provides a smooth start and continuously decreasing current from the start to the point were the working rotation is achieved. It's a perfect solution for replacing star-delta starters.

A-Start® Soft Starter doesn't need time setting and it recognizes when the motor is heavy loaded (needs more starting time) or light loaded (less starting time).

We have basic models in our website. If there's not suitable model for your AC motor, please contact and ask for more. We can customize our products in various situations and will help you to find a perfect solution for your motor. Notice that we can also alter the outer dimensions of A-Start® Soft Starter, so it will suit to your place and coupling.




Pumps, compressors, blowers, conveyors

Bow thrusters, seawater pumps, refrigeration compressors and hydraulic system for azimuth thrusters in vessels


We deliver customized solutions according to your wishes.




Fits all three-phase squirrel-cage motors

Power range from 0,37 kW up to 1,1 MW

Voltage range from 380V to 690V

Replaces star-delta starters

Major savings in maintenance costs

Easy installation

Lloyd's Marine Approval (certain models)

Designed for reliability and long life

Wide operating temperature range (-25°C...+40°C)