A-Start® Soft Starter + A-Stop® DC Injection Brake


Combining A-Start® Soft Starter and A-Stop® DC Injection Brake you'll get a reliable and safe solution!


A-Start® + A-Stop® 400-500 Volts

A-Start® + A-Stop® 690 Volts


A-Start® Soft Starter provides easy and smooth start for AC motors.

It's perfect for redusing high starting current peaks and replacing ordinary star-delta starters. A-Start® Soft Starter accelerates the motor with adjusted starting current. When working rotation is reached, the motor works through the main circuit.

No time setting - the A-Start® Soft Starter recognizes when the motor has the working rotation and automatically switches the motor to the main circuit.

A-Start® Soft Starter provides a smooth start and continuously decreasing current from the start to the point were the working rotation is achieved. It's perfect solution for replacing star-delta starters.

A-Start® Soft Starter doesn't need time setting and it recognizes when the motor is heavy loaded (needs more starting time) or light loaded (less starting time).


A-Stop® DC Injection Brake is a powerful product.


  • dynamic

  • safe

  • inexpensive

  • simple to install

  • works with wide variety of power and voltage ranges


No need to adjust the braking time - A-Stop® DC Injection Brake gets continuously information of the motor speed and when the speed reaches zero, the brake contactor opens. The motor is instantly ready for restart.