A-Start® Soft Starters 400-500V


Our A-Start® Soft Starters are known as the ASBP family of products.

The figure after the name indicates the maximum power range of the electric motor in kilowatts (kW) to which the soft starter is connected.

Available in basic models in the 400-500V voltage range:

  • ASBP-3

  • ASBP-7,5

  • ASBP-15

  • ASBP-30

  • ASBP-37

  • ASBP-55

  • ASBP-90

  • ASBP-110

  • ASBP-160

  • ASBP-250

  • ASBP-450

  • ASBP-630


Also available in different voltages, power ranges and with by-pass contactor.

If the basic models do not match your needs, please contact our office.

We tailor our products to the customer's requirements, for example, depending on the enclosure dimensions, circuits or motor source.